A Mother, A Child, A Need For Hope

At 11 years old, Patricia’s daughter, Christina, was old enough to know . . . mom would not be bringing presents for Christmas. Christina was living with her older sister in Holly Springs because mom was homeless.Patricia was out of work. Her older daughter was newly married with a newborn child. As December days passed, it broke Patricia’s heart that she would not be able to give her children the kind of Christmas she wanted to.

Lifelong problems with depression were no help. And while Christina was able to stay with her older sister during the week, Patricia spent her days in Moore Square Park with no real prospects for employment. Yet even though she was homeless, unemployed and missing her children, Patricia was able to keep a hopeful spirit. She never let go of her belief that God would work everything out.

When she was invited into Raleigh Rescue Mission, Patricia started taking the classes that helped address all the things she’d carried around for years.
When school was out, Christina could come and stay with her mom on weekends. That was an unexpected blessing as it gave Patricia quality time with her younger daughter. She got to know what makes a young teenager tick. And through the donated tickets from friends like you, they were able to visit Marbles Kids Museum and the IMAX theater. These were an unexpected treat for the 11-year-old who understood mom’s situation and knew she couldn’t afford tickets to shows. But the biggest surprise of all was yet to come.

A few weeks before Christmas, Patricia’s case manager asked her about her children and their clothing sizes. And even though her case manager came back again and asked about her son-in-law and granddaughter, Patricia was still unprepared for the outpouring of love and generosity she received.
Patricia was helping out at the Mission as the receptionist when a truck pulled in filled with gifts. She was stunned. There were large bags filled with wrapped presents for Patricia, her two daughters, her son-in-law and granddaughter.

That generous spirit helped strengthen the spiritual connection Patricia has found with God since coming to the Mission. She had fallen away from her childhood faith. Now she readily sees that even though she turned her back on God, he was faithful in caring for her.
Seeing God’s compassion through your gifts and provisions has put a burning desire in Patricia’s heart. When she leaves the Mission, she’s anxious to do the same for others as you have done for her.