A Life Changed at RRM

James met a lot of incredible people in his 12-year marketing career.  But when a failed business deal cost him millions, his marriage ended and his occasional use of cocaine evolved into binging.

“I went through rehabs, but nothing really worked because I was missing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart,” he says today.

In late spring, as he was coming off a binge, the Lord led James to a man named Brian who shared the Gospel, along with his own testimony.  As the two prayed, James felt the Holy Spirit’s power.  Two days later, when Brian offered to take him to Raleigh Rescue Mission, James quickly accepted.

“Everything was planted, watered and harvested at the Mission,” James recalls.  “It was actually a humbling experience, but I went in with an open heart.  It was there I fully committed my life to Christ.

“My counselor was hardcore with me.  He invited me to stay at the Mission for a few days, where I could isolate myself and gather my thoughts.  I saw the love of Christ in the Mission’s staff and soon realized I no longer had the urge to use cocaine.”

Today, James lives in Charlotte, where he works for a marketing firm in Charlotte and tells anyone who will listen about God’s love and salvation.

Just before the September issue of our newsletter went out, we talked to James about how he is sharing God’s love with others.

“The story begins in NYC with me getting off the plane and spreading the unconditional love of the Lord to a shoe shiner, Dennis, who sees thousands of people daily.  I gave him my testimony and began to reveal how the Lord has blessed me by simply giving the Lord all of my unconditional love.  Dennis was more than interested, he asked how I had overcome a major drug addiction to where I’m at right now.  I told him it’s as simple as giving all my unconditional love to the Lord Jesus Christ, doing as He would do and being obedient to the Lord. Loosing my selfish, prideful and glorified behavior is key and what He expects.”

“In my corporate executive meeting with a national cologne company in  NYC, the vice president of marketing proceeds to glorify my proposal  and compliment my presentation.  My response was to tell him that this was not my work or creative concept this was the work of the Lord Jesus Christ who has filled me with His love.  Not only did that statement create a new uplifting presentation, but enhanced the entire meeting.  He became a seed I feel for not only the Lord but he was more excited about the concept I presented.  I had validated my love of the Lord professionally and in turn the Lord had validated His love for me through other people.  It was the first time I ever had done anything to promote the love of the Lord in a corporate setting.”