A Harvest of Hope

Six weeks ago, Glenn Morgan had a little heart-to-heart talk with himself. He had to admit that much of his 48 years had been spent running from bad decisions he’d made. “It was time to sit down and look at my life,” he says, “and whatever I was doing to make my life miserable. It was time to get on the right path.”

Glenn had spent the past winter and spring camping in the woods. He’d managed to stay warm and earn a little income working day labor jobs to pay for food and alcohol. And, he says, he tried to convince himself he was happy.

“I tried not to be overly depressed, but it catches up with you in time. I definitely needed an emotional and spiritual boost.” By the time he made it to Raleigh Rescue Mission in June, his lifestyle had taken a toll on his physical health, too.

“When you are addicted, you don’t eat even when food is available,” he muses. “No, you can’t interrupt an addiction with eating.”

At the Mission, Glenn continued evaluating his life. He appreciated the encouragement and concern the staff showed him each day. “People here care unconditionally, and it’s rubbing off,” he says, adding he’s getting his sanity back and putting on much-needed pounds!

“I’ve gained 14 pounds since I came here,” he says happily. “They feed us here! I’ve traveled the West for 12 years, and you can’t get grits and catfish out there.”

Glenn is receiving plenty of spiritual food at the same time. “I’ve been coast to coast and no other program holds a candle to this Christianbased program. I came here with [emotional] baggage the size of Dallas, but when I leave it’ll be the size of my wallet,” he jokes. “I used to handle situations badly or not at all. Now, when tough things come up, I will handle them in a whole new light.”

Glenn says he’s found a harvest of hope at Raleigh Rescue Mission. “Here you can heal your body, soul, mind and spirit. I’ve known what it’s like not having hope. It’s like why bother? With no hope, I’d just spend what I had on alcohol. But with hope, I don’t feel that way. This place has been a blessing to me.”