A Christmas Like No Other

Carrie’s 10-year relationship with the father of her children had become unbearable.  At 29, she had left him several times, but loneliness and codependence drove her back again and again.

“I didn’t have a relationship with Christ then,” she says.  “My relationship with my children’s father was the only one I had.  I’ve had a lot of rejection in my life.  The seeds were sown that I had no value.”

One day, Carrie huddled with her children, Joseph, Kianna and Malik, in the bathroom as her boyfriend stood outside the door removing the screws from the hinges.  “He had a knife and was screaming he was going to cut me.  I prayed to God for help and as I prayed, someone came to the door, and my boyfriend left with him.  After that, the bathroom became my little secret prayer place.”

Armed with a list of shelters, Carrie prepared to leave home.  But day after day, the shelters told her the same thing: no vacancy.  Finally, she packed her car to leave the state, then called Raleigh Rescue Mission one more time.  They said, “Come.”

The family’s first Christmas at the Mission presented wonderful new experiences for Carrie and her children.  “We never had a Christmas tree due to their father’s religion,” Carrie recounts.  “I had to sneak Christmas presents to them.  After last Christmas at the Mission, they are already planning for next year!” she grins.

Today, Carrie and her children are staying at the Mission’s Beacon Haven transitional housing.  Each day brings them closer to living independently again.

“Raleigh Rescue Mission saved my life,” Carrie says.  “I had to be dedicated and committed to changing, but without their help, I couldn’t have done it.  Today, we have food, lights, diapers—that’s only because of donors’ help.  Without them, I’d be right back where I was.”

Carrie enjoys a deeply personal relationship with Christ and her feelings of rejection and shame are gone!  “For so long I struggled with the feeling that I don’t deserve anything.  Now I know I’m valuable to God.  I already have His favor.”

This year, Carrie and her children will enjoy Christmas as a family, surrounded by the love of friends and a new understanding of God’s love for her.  Your commitment to their welfare will help them have a Christmas like no other!

Your commitment to their welfare will help them have a Christmas like not other!