Changed Lives


Helping Randy Bail Out of Homelessness

“If you are able to give, give. This is a great place and the Lord will bless you for doing so. There’s a lot of people who need the Raleigh Rescue Mission.” – Randy Continue reading


20 Years of Homelessness – No Match for God’s Love

“God has been good to me. I appreciate everyone for their support and encouragement. I will do anything I can to help the Mission. It’s in my heart to give back once I leave here. I want to continue being part of this.” Continue reading

Doug Photo

A Layoff Disaster at 55

“I’ve learned that homelessness can happen to anybody . . . everything the Mission provides is truly appreciated!” – Doug Continue reading


Abandoned Mom Works Toward College Comeback

“Don’t get discouraged on giving because you are helping people like me who want to help themselves. They just need a place or someone to lean on for a little while.” –Shelly Continue reading

Shikeita photo

Baby’s First Birthday – on a Bus

“I tried my best not to let my son go without eating. I would ask people to feed my son, but I would go without. A lot of people gave him some food. As long as he was eating, I was ok.” – Shikeita Continue reading


Duct Tape no Longer Necessary

“I had been praying to God to get out from under the abuse of my husband.” – Mandi Continue reading


Standing on Her Own Two Feet

“When I first walked in the door at the Mission, I just felt like it was a healing place.”
– Julie
Continue reading

Brian receives a car from Wheels4Hope

One Loss Becomes a Win

“Oh man, I was at the lowest of the lows.” – Brian Continue reading

Mom and Daughter Graduation

Graduating from Homelessness

“We are so thankful to God for this place. It’s the only place . . . that really helps.” – Milagros Continue reading


From serving others to being served by YOU

“This place opened their arms to me, and they have been teaching me to take one day at a time.” – Thomas Continue reading