Changed Lives

No More Standing in the Rain with Children

“Being homeless hurts. You have to stand outside in the rain with your children. And people are mean to you. Once they know you don’t have anywhere to stay, they won’t answer their phone. They won’t open their doors. I try to shield my children so they won’t see it.” Continue reading

Out In The Snow With a Newborn

Your support keeps families together and gives women a second chance that we otherwise wouldn’t have if we were on the street. Your donations keep everything running. Thank you. Continue reading

A night at the park with twins – and a newborn!

Sheryl came to Raleigh to use her nursing skills to care for her ailing mom. But when her mother passed, she had to make other living arrangements while grieving the … Continue reading


So sick, his shoes didn’t fit.

“God bless you for helping. You’re giving people a chance to be transformed through Christ Jesus.” – Ericson Continue reading

Denny learns to read at 58

“I will not forget what this Mission has given me. I won’t forget you all because you do a lot of good.” – Denny Continue reading

A widow unprotected on Raleigh’s streets

“When you give . . . you’re saving someone’s life.” –Pearl Continue reading

Homelessness split her family in four pieces . . .

“I was thinking if I could just get a job . . . the boys and I were going to be ok. That did not happen.” – Verlisha Continue reading

A Babysitter Away from Homelessness

“I don’t have to stress about having somewhere to lay our heads. The Mission is helping me better myself, so we won’t be in this predicament anymore.” – Tiara Continue reading

Helping Randy Bail Out of Homelessness

“If you are able to give, give. This is a great place and the Lord will bless you for doing so. There’s a lot of people who need the Raleigh Rescue Mission.” – Randy Continue reading


20 Years of Homelessness – No Match for God’s Love

“God has been good to me. I appreciate everyone for their support and encouragement. I will do anything I can to help the Mission. It’s in my heart to give back once I leave here. I want to continue being part of this.” Continue reading